by Sean Quigley

Heavily unorthodox and acclaimed Russian-born fusion violinist Joe Deninzon, best known for his jazzy trip funk jam band Stratospheerius and his 1997 solo album Electric Blue has returned with a talented trio and a new album entitled Exuberance.

Exuberance not only features a load of creative, enjoyable original songs from Deninzon and his trio but also an incredibly eclectic collection of covers. From the likes of Alice in Chains and Radiohead to Steely Dan and Glenn Campbell and further on to such performers as Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller and Frederick Chopin, Deninzon has it all covered.

With much anticipation I listened to Exuberance and within a second or two into the opening title track I began to sulk thinking I was in store for another stale violin album which would put me to sleep. But I certainly caught my tongue a few seconds later as the song picked up. Blues drenched Bass, wild yet stylish and refined violin and acoustic guitar which switched back and fourth from solid and generic to creepy, scratchy, psychedelic and undeniably cool.

Exuberance is drenched with such style. With respect for the classics and a daring avant-garde boldness Joe Deninzon’s endeavor is certainly a success. Some of their songs such as “Sun Goes Down” which features the singing talents of Canadian vocalist Luba seem almost tailor made for those lost around the poolside martini bar alone late at night as other songs such as “Surreptitious Soliloquy” sound like it was made some place where both Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa find common ground. Both Primus or Palao could respect the talents of The Joe Deninzon Trio which to me is their greatest appeal.

Would I drive around blasting Exuberance? Probably not. Still I found this album to be truly excellent. Indeed a perfect choice for entertaining if one wishes to break free from the dreadful blandness of “Soundscapes”.

I recommend this album to anybody interested in the mastery of music as well as classical, jazz and alternative rock fans. Deninzon is only doing good for music. Breaking down barriers, opening minds, and carving a respectable niche for himself. Joe Deninzon is sure to soon be on every music snob’s list of notable artists, I can guarantee it.

Reviewer Rating:  4.00 Stars