Dream Diary
Concerto for Seven-String Electric Violin and Orchestra
Written and Performed by Joe Deninzon

Written and performed by Joe Deninzon
World Premier September 19th, 2015
Muncie Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Douglas Droste
Video by Steve Perry
Edited by Bill Hamilton
For booking inquiries/to view video of full performance, please email: info@joedeninzon.com

Running time: Approx 30 min.
1st Mvt:  “Falling and Flying” [Score]
2nd mvt: “Delta Waves” [Score]
3rd mvt: “Rapid Eye Movement” [Score]
4th Mvt: “Waking Dream” [Score]

Program Notes

“Dream Diary: Concerto for Seven-String Electric Violin and Orchestra”

by Joe Deninzon

“Dream Diary: Concerto for Seven String Electric Violin and Orchestra,” was premiered in 2015 by the Muncie Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Douglas Droste, with Joe Deninzon as the soloist.  The work was Inspired by (composer) Joe Deninzon roots in classical music and falling in love with ‘80s/‘90s guitar virtuosos such as Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt. “Dreams were a recurring theme in their music. Joe Satriani had a popular instrumental rock album titled ‘Flying in a Blue Dream.’”

Joe was further inspired by Steve Vai’s “Passion and Warfare” and the guitarist’s mention that he kept a dream diary, “writing down his dreams while they we re still vivid when he woke up. He allowed those dreams to influence his compositions.”

The piece loosely follows the cycles of sleep, including the sensation of “Falling and Flying” in the early stages of sleep (1stMovement), “Delta Waves”, the first stage of deep sleep (2nd Movement), “Rapid Eye Movement” and dreaming (3rd Movement), and “Waking Dream” (4th Movement)

Joe plays a seven-string “Viper” electric violin, which has a range that goes a whole step below the cello, and incorporates effects such as distortion, delay, whammies, wah-wah, and loops to conjure surreal, dream-like soundscapes.

The piece is also available for 5-string violin and string orchestra.