Rock Your Strings!

A Workshop/Performance with Joe Deninzon and Your Students’ String Orchestra.

Your students can experience the same creative growth and empowered energy that string students all over the world have felt from violinist/composer/Joe Deninzon.

Joe will workshop arrangements of rock and jazz-rock -based compositions with your students, and perform with them.

Students will learn:

  • Basic to advanced improvisation techniques
  • A detailed demonstration of effects for electric strings and how they can be used in a variety of musical settings
  • Performances, call and response games and activities that involve the students
  • Question/answer sessions. Discussions about the music business, and opportunities available to string players

In a rapidly changing musical landscape, strings have found their way into almost every style of music in recent years. In addition to classical, country, and folk genres, we hear strings everywhere from rock, metal, pop, and jazz, to hip-hop, electronic music, and funk. With orchestral jobs in short supply, today’s string player needs to be more versatile than ever in order to survive and thrive as a working musician. A good foundation of technique and classical training should be supplemented by an ability to improvise and be familiar with a vast repertoire of music outside of the classical realm. Composition skills, as well as a familiarity with technology are also crucial.

To book Joe for a residency, clinic, masterclass or performance, please email

“Joe’s inspiring talents and leadership in the class room was spectacular. Professional, respectful, honorable and encouraging.”

Mark Wood

President, Wood Violins, Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp and Music Festival

“Joe has an amazing ability to connect with the students and bring out the best in them. The transformation of our rock orchestra in his two days with them was incredible. He inspired confidence while always giving appropriate pedagogical suggestions to help the students grow musically. He helped the students with their improvisational skills and helped them put on a very professional show. Joe is very accessible, easy going and professional with the students. Joe is a world-class performer and yet always encouraged and allowed the students to shine. The students had nothing but positive things to say about Joe and it was an easy decision to invite him back a second and now a third time!”

David Smarelli

Orchestra Director, Sycamore Schools. Blue Ash, OH

“Joe is not only a fine music educator, he is also well versed and up to date with all electronic gear for plugging in. Our
students were very intrigued with his session.”

Douglas Droste

Musical Director, Muncie Symphony Orchestra

“Deninzon, a seven-string electric violin virtuoso, has written a remarkable book (PLUGGING IN), demystifying the technique and technology of the electric violin.”

American String Teachers Journal

“If the violin has a future in rock and jazz, it is with Joe Deninzon.”

Relix Magazine

Performance with Sycamore HS Electric Ensemble (SEE1). Montgomery, OH

ASTA (American String Teacher Conference) Workshop on Reading Chord Charts and Lead Sheets