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Hope you’ve had an unforgettable summer. I’m gearing up for a jam-packed fall season! Highlights include a month -long tour of Sweden with Sweet Plantain, as well as performances in Quad Cities and Athens, WV. A sept 18th NYC performance with Stratospheerius and release of our new single, and my jazz trio will be performing as well. Read more here:


Upcoming Stratospheerius Shows

Thursday, September 18th
Performing with Stratospheerius
The Shrine
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.
New York, NY 10030
Pontus Gunve (Swedish guitarist/composer) 8 PM
Jeremy Beck Band (10 PM) (singer/songwriter/organist)
Stratospheerius is:
Joe Deninzon-electric violin/lead vocals
Lucianna Padmore-drums
Aurelien Budynek-guitar
Jamie Bishop-bass

Sweet Plantain Sweden tour and more!

sweet plantain 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, Sweet Plantain welcomes our new cellist, Wayne Smith, and will be embarking on a 20-town tour of Sweden, followed by some dates in the Midwest in early November. Stay tuned and visit our website for updated information. here is everything we can tell you so far:
Upcoming shows:
7:30 P.M.
1000 Vermillion Street, Athens, WV 24712-1000 (United States) 

Sweet Plantain Tour of Sweden

Date                     Time           Venue                                                        City

9-27                                  16.00                    Pingstkyrkan                                                                             Uddevalla

9-28                                   18.00                    Biblioteket                                                                                  Båstad

9-29                               19.00                    Dunkers Kulturhus                                                                    Helsingborg

9-30                                    19.00                    Artisten                                                                                      Göteborg

10-2                                    19.00                    Wallenbergssalen                                                                     Linköping

10-4                                  16.00                    Söderportkyrkan                                                                       Tingsryd

10-5                                   16.00                    Utvandrarnas hus                                                                     Växjö

10-6                                  t.b.c.                     Hall to be confirmed                                                                 Vänersborg

10-7                                    19.30                    Festsalen, Folkets hus                                                             Vänersborg

10-8                                   17.30-18.15         Musikskolan, Workshop                                                          Arboga

10-8                                  19.00                    Musikskolan, Concert                                                              Arboga

10-12                                16.00                    Nyköpings teater                                                                       Nyköping

10-15                                  19.00                    Svegs kyrka                                                                              Sveg

10-16                                t.b.c.                     Hall t.b.c., School concert                                                        Östersund

10-16                               19.00                    Gamla Teatern                                                                          Östersund

10-18                                  16.00                    Baptistkyrkan                                                                            Hudviksvall

10-19                                 t.b.c.                     Hall t.b.c. School concert                                                         Sandviken

10-21                                 19.00                    Musikverket, Kulturcentrum, Concert                                     Sandviken

10-22                                  19.00                    Västerås Konserthus, lilla salen                                              Västerås

Sweet Plantain residency at Quad Cities Nov 2-8. @ Bettendorf High School

Nov 2-7. Concert Nov 8th
3333 18th St, Bettendor, IA 52722 (United States) 
(563) 332-7001

Sweet Plantain is:

Joe Deninzon-violin/vocals/mandolin

Eddie Venegas-violin/trombone

Orlando Wells-viola

Wayne Smith-cello

Thursday, Nov 13th. Joe Deninzon Jazz Trio @Harvest Bistro

252 Schraalenburg  Ave, Closter, NJ 07624

(201) 750-9966

With Steve Benson-guitar


Russian Band “Plan B” covers JD song “What’s That Thang?”

I Found this awesome Russian jazz group covering my song “What’s That Thang.” What a sweet surprise, and they kill it!


Love and blessings,