The first reviews of the latest Joe Deninzon Trio CD, Exuberance, are in. Check out what critics are saying:

Justin Donnely, critic from Australia

Dean Quigley,

“Exuberance is drenched with such style. With respect for the classics and a daring avant-garde boldness Joe Deninzon’s endeavor is certainly a success.”

“Some of their songs…seem almost tailor made for those lost around the poolside martini bar alone late at night as other songs such as sound like they were made some place where both Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa find common ground. “

“Both Primus or Palao could respect the talents of The Joe Deninzon Trio which to me is their greatest appeal.”

“I recommend this album to anybody interested in the mastery of music as well as classical, jazz and alternative rock fans. Deninzon is only doing good for music. Breaking down barriers, opening minds, and carving a respectable niche for himself. Joe Deninzon is sure to soon be on every music snob’s list of notable artists, I can guarantee it.”

-Sean Quigley

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Exuberance, the new CD by the Joe Deninzon Trio featuring
Joe Deninzon-violin
The late, great Bob Bowen-bass
Steve Benson-guitar

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Featuring original compositions and jazzed-up versions of Alice in Chains, Steely Dan, Radiohead, Chopin, and more…