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New Joe Deninzon book: “Plugging In”
Available NOW from Mel Bay publications

I am proud to announce the official release of my book, “Plugging In: A Guide to Gear and New Techniques for the 21st Century Violinist”, from Mel Bay Publications.

About the book:

Over the years, I have had many violin students come to me, some high school/college students and some adult professionals, interested in exploring the world of improvisation, “alternative styles,” and electric string playing. I would often get the same questions: “How do I shop for an electric violin? What kind of instrument is right for me? What kind of amp should I use? How do you do all those percussive effects? How do I work these effects pedals and what sounds are the best to use?” I wanted to answer these questions in one book. The first part of this book talks about choosing an electric violin, working with transducers, the history of electric bowed stringed instruments, amplification and monitoring. Then, I explore improvisation in the genres of blues, funk, and rock, rhythmic techniques like “chopping’ and “comping”, working with effects pedals, working with DJ’s, rock string arranging, and a myriad of other things I have had to do in my career that require skills beyond the traditional classical conservatory training. The book comes with a 70 minute CD and a 60- minute DVD, and contains over 60 musical examples!

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Exploring Alternative Styles for Strings

Strings have found their way into every style of music in recent years. In addition to classical, country, and folk genres, you can hear strings everywhere from rock, metal, pop, and jazz, to hip-hop, electronic music, and funk. With orchestras undergoing financial problems and orchestral jobs being increasingly hard to land, today’s string player needs to be more versatile than ever in order to survive and thrive as a working musician. A good foundation of technique and classical training should be supplemented by an ability to improvise and be familiar with a vast repertoire of music outside of the classical realm. Composition skills, as well as a familiarity with technology are also crucial.

Originally a classically trained violinist, Joe Deninzon has established himself as a composer, performer, sought-after session musician, and educator in a myriad of musical styles. In the rock world, Joe has worked with Sheryl Crow, Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple, Everclear, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. In the classical world, he has been a soloist with the New York Chamber Ensemble and New York City Ballet, and has performed with many orchestras and festivals throughout the world. In addition, Joe is an accomplished composer for film and TV, recent winner of the John Lennon International Songwriting Competition, and string arranger for a diverse roster of artists. His progressive jam/rock group, “Stratospheerius”, has won numerous awards, toured the U.S, and released four critically acclaimed CD’s.

Joe has been called the “Jimi Hendrix of the electric violin” for his innovative work with 6 and 7-string electric violins and his pioneering use of effects to alter the traditional sound of the instrument.

As an educator with 18 year of experience, Joe holds two Bachelor’s degrees in Jazz Studies and Violin Performance form Indiana University, where he studied with the legendary Josef Gingold and David Baker, and a Master’s degree In Jazz from Manhattan School of Music. He has given clinics all over the country, including Berklee College of Music and New School University, as well as the IAJE conference in New York City, for which he received a citation for “Outstanding Contributions in the field of Jazz education”.

Joe offers workshops for string players of all ages. The workshops range from 30 minutes to two hours, and include the following:

  • Basic to advanced improvisation techniques
  • A detailed demonstration of effects for electric violin and how they can be used in a variety of musical settings
  • Performances, call and response games and activities that involve the students
  • Question/answer sessions. Discussions about the music business, and opportunities available to string players

Electrifying Your Strings: The “Effective” String Player

This clinic has been given at the 2007 International Jazz Educator’s Conference in New York, as well as for the string department of Berklee College of Music.

Delay, distortion, wah, and the myriad of effects existing today are common for guitarists, but still new to string players who want to electrify their music. This clinic explores how to incorporate effects and loops into improvisation and composition.


Contact Joe via email at: jdeninzo@gmail.com

Here are a few quotes from students, parents, teachers, and critics:

“Joe has a strong, creative voice. His work is sure to inspire anyone who is looking for their own direction.”
~ Mimi Raabson, Professor of Violin/Alternative Strings, Berklee College of Music

“Katie is currently taking private lessons with a fantastic teacher, Joe Deninzon, who is based in the New York City area. Although we live in Delaware, I drive Katie (three hours) to Joe’s studio in his New Jersey home for bimonthly lessons. His vast knowledge of rock, jazz, fusion and classical violin has helped Katie become a better alternative style violinist. Joe’s teaching style and sense of humor would be appreciated and enjoyed by many other students. Early this year, he gave a one-day workshop here in Delaware, where violinists are hungry for alternative styles and it was a big hit.”
~ Esther Jacoby, Mother of Student