Add Strings to Your Project

Joe Deninzon has been called the “one-man string section”. Having written string arrangements for hundreds of projects in the genres of rock, jazz, hip hop, classical, folk, funk, and world music, Joe has worked with many renowned producers to add a new dimension to their recordings, and he can do the same for you.

Under most circumstances, adding a string section to your recording can be a huge expense, involving copyists, arrangers, several string players, and transcribers. Joe can do all these jobs for a fraction of the cost. By layering numerous parts on his acoustic violin, and overdubbing the low string parts on his electric 7-string VIPER, which goes below cello range and sounds almost exactly like a real acoustic cello, Joe can re-create the sound of a full 20-piece string orchestra. Joe can hire or recommend additional string players, if your budget allows, but his versatility and ability to cover the whole range of a string section single-handedly, and come up with parts on the spot can eliminate your need to hire several different people to do the same job.

Joe also does a great deal of recording at his home studio and on the road, so location is not an issue. With today’s technology, this is possible through emailing wav files or mp3’s. If you are doing your project in LA, and Joe is in New York, he can import your audio files into his computer, record some ideas, and email you mp3’s, all the while maintaining constant phone and email contact with you to insure that your vision for the project is realized.

Electric Violin
In addition to the traditional acoustic violin sound, Joe had made himself known as a pioneer of the electric violin. This unique instrument has the capacity to sound like a cello, viola, electric guitar, synthesizer, or something that has never been heard before. You can hear some examples of the VIPER, and decide for yourself if you want to add this innovative sound to your project.

Costs vary based on the time and work required, the size of the project, number of songs, instruments played, etc. The best thing to do is contact Joe and discuss your individual needs. Prices are fully negotiable and the main goal is to make your recording exceed your expectations while working within your budget.

Click here to listen to a montage of samples of the “one-man string section.”