Add Strings to Your Project

Get a string section on your track for the price of one musician!

Joe Deninzon runs a fully equipped recording studio and offers a variety of services, including:

  • Solo recordings for acoustic violin, viola, or 7-string electric violin
  • String arrangements and recordings of string quartets or full string sections
  • Mandolin, vocals

In addition to violin, Joe plays viola and a “chin cello,” which, when layered, can create the sound of a full string section at a fraction of the cost. You can hear this on Joe’s original song, “The Prism,” and his work on the audio samples below:

Joe will be happy to include additional musicians based on your budget.

“Hovhannes Harmonica Concerto”
All violins and violas by Joe Deninzon
Cello – Ruti Celli
Contrabass – John Paul Norpoth
Harmonica soloist – Robert Bonfiglio

“Banished” from In Continuum’s Acceleration Theory Part One: AlienA

Strings by Joe Deninzon

Strings Alone (Sample)

Bella D: The End of the World

String arrangement, performance of all parts.

Stratospheerius: The Prism

String arrangement, song composition, and performance of all parts.