New Stratospheerius single “Cognitive Dissonance” now available on all streaming services:

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Photo by Heather Cobb Isbell

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Pre-save the new Stratospheerius single, “Cognitive Dissonance!”

Ladies & Gentlemen, Stratospheerius's new single, "Cognitive Dissonance" will be out on January 30th from Melodic Revolution Records. Pre-save your copy TODAY!


All the News That's Fit to Print about violinist/vocalist/composer Joe Deninzon Season's Greetings, everyone! Hope you're staying safe and not losing your minds yet. 2020 has been a dark vortex of misery, and I like all of you am glad to send it into the dustbins of...

Hanging with the Storm Surgers

Hanging with the Storm Surgers

Join Joe Deninzon, Jason Gianni, Paul Ranieri, Michelangelo Quirinale, with special guests Rachel Flowers, Michael Sadler from Saga, Fernando Perdomo, Ruti Celli, and our videographer David P. Levin as we discuss the creation of our new song/video, “Storm Surge,” feature recent projects from all our guest artists, and discuss the future of music and life as we know it! Hang out and ask us questions. Hosted by Nick Katona from Melodic Revolution Records.

Joe Deninzon interview by James Popick

Joe Deninzon talks about the new Stratospheerius song, "Storm Surge" with special guests Michael Sadler from Saga, Fernando Perdomo, Ruti Celli, and Rachel Flowers.


The Story of Storm Surge A little over a year ago, my son Max was playing a short piano piece by 19th century composer Friedrich Burgmüller, called “The Storm.” The piece was stuck in my head because I would hear him practicing it every day. I started to imagine it as...

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